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Hindu Wedding Ceremony a Pledge Of Holy Relationship

During the mid era of 1960 a large number of the population arrived in the US after an Immigration act. An Indian majority is increased in the tradition of Sanatana Dharma known as Hindu religion. And gradually they grew up opt country as a non Hindu majority in the American society. After a long time they considered and intercede their own Hindu existence. There are many Hindu temples wherein priests are present to preserve the existed Hindu religion or temple traditions. Hindu matrimony is a holy relationship comprises custom ceremonial formalities which are performed by Priests. Hindu marriage is known as Vivah Sanskara. This includes all the traditional and contemporary custom and ritual. In Hinduism matrimony sacred rites play a significant role to unite the couple in a lifetime relationship. Hindu marriage is considered as a sacred union between the couple and two families as well. It consumes a long time process over many days, but custom and traditions differ from the community to community.

The Sacred Rites of Matrimony

The traditional custom and rituals predominantly extended over several days from beginning to the end. Here are some of the dominant matrimonial formalities which are the significance of the Hindu religion as described here: 

Start of the Ceremony 

Matrimony ceremony comprises various formalities, arrangements and preparations like to invite purohit to explain the wedding mantra and oaths to unite the couple in full of custom and religious manner. A purohit arranges a mandap that is decorated with floral garlands. Hindu bride’s family and guests are present near mandap to fulfil their custom and religious responsibilities towards the couple. The very first welcome for Hindu groom is done by the assembled guests and bride’s brother as he offers some traditional dowry ingredients to the groom. They are served with some delicious dishes and sweets. 

Arrival of the Couple 

The stage is decorated for the couple welcome. All the bride and groom’s elders, assembled guests are awaiting. Bride arrives for groom to offer Varmala, as from this moment they are bound in forever relationship. The wedding venue is full enjoyable and colorful with the romantic music background. 

Mangalsutra bandhan and sindoor ceremony is considered very auspicious when groom puts vermilion to the bride’s forehead. Also, he offers mangalsutra as the sign of his love commitment and care rest of the life. 

Therefore, there are some additional wedding ceremonies like Saath phera, Tilak and ultimate Vidai ceremony when the matchmaking couple takes departure from the wedding venue towards their new life.